Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is "Biopsy" a Four Letter Word?

When people hear the word biopsy, many of them automatically think cancer. When I first started this whole voice ordeal, the ENT in Twin Falls mentioned a biopsy, but also said he didn't see anything that looked like cancer. So when the ENT in SLC mentioned a biopsy on my vocal chord, cancer was not my first thought. He talked about several autoimmune diseases that can affect the vocal chords, so my focus was on that.

Tomorrow I head to SLC for the procedure. It should be quick and easy. Although surgery is always risky, I've never had any problems with anesthesia; I seem to recover quickly. What I want is to have some answers. They (the doctors) keep saying they need more tests, there's nothing conclusive, they have some ideas. How about some resolution? How about some definitive diagnosis? When does that happen?
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