Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Weekend

Easter weekend was family time for me. Friday night, Haline was in town (from Spokane), so every body was there. She even made dinner. Although she was making dinner for us all, I think the real purpose was to prove to Jeb, her fiance, that she can cook. Of course I could be wrong. Maybe he'll be doing the cooking when they get married.

I always like being with my family. So it's awfully convenient that I live next door to my sister and her family, and behind my parents. I'm very lucky, not only to have them in my life, but also to have them so close.

(left to right) Braeden, my nephew; Janae, my niece; Deborah, my Brazilian niece; Ernie, my dad; Jan, my mom; Jeb, my future nephew-in-law; Haline, my other Brazilian niece.
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