Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Weekend Part 2

Saturday, my nephew Braeden was the Panda Express dancing panda (at least for a short time). We went to cheer him on, and to support his charter school. Panda Express has this great fund raising opportunity; 20% of purchases Saturday went to the school.

Up until this year, Braeden has been a pretty shy kid. His older sister Janae has been the outgoing extroverted one, while Braeden was the quiet one, clinging to mom's leg (of course he hasn't held on to her leg since he was like six). I don't know if it's been an intentional effort, but he's developing a more outgoing personality. He enrolled in a drama class at school.

I think he did a great job as the panda. He certainly got plenty of honks from the cars passing by.

Susan is the "mama" bear.

When I got home, I had a visitor waiting by the front door. She was dressed to impress in elegant black with red accents. I don't like pretentious visitors; I escorted her off the property.

A quick sports update: Steve, my brother-in-law, and I spent some time on the putting green. I haven't been on the golf course in two years. After some practice, we had three 18 hole putting matches on the practice putting green. Not to brag, but I can still putt. I beat Steve in all three matches.

Thanks for the fun Steve!
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