Friday, April 8, 2011

Be Specific

The radio station I listen to plays short snippets of sermons, kind of like commercials. Last week one of the speakers said that God doesn't answer general prayers. He wants to hear specific prayers. Now I'm not sure exactly what that means - Where's the line between general and specific? But it made me wonder about my prayers. So I've been paying attention to what I pray for. I'm finding that I do pray a lot of general prayers. When friends post prayers on Facebook, often I'll just pray, "God be with soandso this week. Bless their life." Although I don't know where the line is between general and specific, I can tell this isn't specific.

So I'm trying to be more specific in my requests, which includes some specific requests for myself. I'm not going to tell here all that I pray for myself; they're much too personal, and writing about them feels like it would lessen them somehow. But I am changing my prayer of "God help me feel better." That seems awfully general.

I'm making another change too: I'm trying to get back my photographic creativity. I think it left me. The photos I've taken recently seem boring, uninspiring. I want to take photos that create emotion in the viewer, even if I'm the only person who sees them. I don't think I've taken a photo like that in years now.

But I'm going to start taking photo walks around my neighborhood, photographing whatever catches my eye. Even if I don't get any great photos, I think the practice of taking more photos will help my creativity. If I stumble upon a picture that I like, I might even post it here.
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