Monday, March 14, 2011

So, Now What?

Even though I'm not big on labels, I do like that I've been able to label my current feeling: uprooted. Without realizing (although I may have had inklings here and there) I based my identity on my life as a school counselor. My identity was rooted in an occupation, something I have counseled people against.

That's a first step, I suppose, but now what?

How do I reestablish my roots in Jesus?
It can't be just by going to church; I do that.
It can't be just by reading my bible; I do that (although I certainly could spend more time studying the life of Jesus - that's probably another blog post).
It can't be as simple as saying, "My life is rooted in Jesus."

What will my life be like with my roots in Jesus?
How will that be different than now?

So many questions, so few (concrete) answers.

However, I'm living in the midst of Jesus, content that he is in control. So it's okay to live without answers.
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