Monday, March 21, 2011

More Tests, then maybe some more

I had my appointment with Dr. Smith today, in Salt Lake. Although my larynx looks better than it did six weeks ago, there's still no voice. Is that improvement? Kind of.

He has ordered some tests - blood work mostly - and scheduled a biopsy of my vocal chords. Some people hear "biopsy" and think cancer. Dr. Smith didn't mention cancer, and that wasn't my first thought. He said, "We need a sample of the tissue to figure out if there's another disease affecting your larynx." Apparently there are several auto-immune diseases, related to RA, but different, that could be causing these voice problems.

So tomorrow I go for some tests, have the results sent to SLC, and go from there. Mom asked me, "So how do you feel about what the doctor said?" I didn't know how to answer that, still don't. I'll say again what I told her, "It is what it is."

On a completely different note, on my way down to SLC, I had some time to listen to my favorite radio station, one that was always on in my truck: The Effect. Here in Nampa, I can't get the station in my truck, but I can listen online. I had forgotten how much I like that music. It was great to have several hours each way that I could listen.
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