Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update Time

The last few weeks/months has been an adventure. Let me summarize:
Easter Sunday (April 12,2009): wake up at 3:30 with the most intense pain of my life. A short twelve hours later, I gave birth to a 1.8mm kidney stone. I've named him Bastard, since he only has one parent. Please do not send gifts - I washed Bastard down the sink because I was tired of his attitude.

Mother's day weekend (Friday May 8, just four weeks later): wake up at about 5:00am, with the same feeling having returned. This time I had someone else drive me to the emergency room. (thank God for the Krumm's; they are the best neighbors ever). Sometime Sunday afternoon -after three days of labor- I gave birth to Bastard's 3mm brother. I didn't name him. I just flushed him. Good riddance.

The scans and xrays (those things are expensive) showed I had only two stones, and those are both gone. Hopefully I'm done with that experience.

This last Saturday I woke up to excruciating pain (amazing adjective to use considering I've had two kidney stones) in my hand. Went back to the ER - they love me there - was in surgery by 10 for an infection in my hand that had gotten out of control in a few hours.

My hand hurts from typing, so I'll finish the story later.