Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 500 Things

Now the update you've all been waiting for (all three of you - I thought there was just two, but I discovered another reader).

My goal was to own fewer than 500 things. It has been a continual process of organizing what I own, examining the purpose of ownership with a critical eye (mind) in light of my goal, and either keeping the object or eliminating it.

I've given away a lot of stuff.

As of my latest count, I own 470 things. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

For a while, I thought 500 was not possible. I could never get down to that few.
Now that I'm there, or below it, it doesn't seem that difficult. I haven't experienced any difficulties. I haven't felt deprived of anything. I've said it before - the more I release, the more free I feel.

I am unencumbered by material possessions. Things don't have as much meaning. Of course there are things I've kept that have only sentimental value. But with my rules, meaning is meaning, purpose is purpose.

I'm trying to live for today. I don't keep things that I might use someday. Someday never seems to get here.

More later.
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