Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year-End Summary/Update

For everyone who reads this blog, I promised an update, and since this is the last day of the year, I probably should get to it. But, I don't want to put both of you through the task of reading a huge amount of text all at once, so I'm not going to put it all in one update. I'm going to spread it throughout the day, focusing on different areas of my life.

There have been so many things happen this year, so many chances for blog postings. The problem was, much of what I went through, and my personal reactions to them, were not public fodder. My thoughts and emotions this year - in relation to so many situations - were not something I want to share with the whole world, I mean with both people who read this blog. In fact, some of it I didn't want to share even with those closest to me. Some things are better kept private.

Here are the areas I think I'll be posting on today:
and of course, the whole reason for this blog in the first place: my 500 things. I'll save this one for last because ... just because.
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