Friday, June 6, 2008

My Good Friends, the Nebekers

Often I've wondered, "Why would God give me arthritis. Why would you do that God?"

Today, as I'm writing, Brad and Jennifer are pulling weeds in my yard. Schuyler, their son, is mowing my lawn. Isaac, another son, is walking my dogs.

Why are they doing this for me?
Two reasons:
1. They are incredibly nice people, who are always willing to help.
2. I need the help.

I just got back from the Idaho Youth Summit at the Grand Targhee Resort. It was an amazing week. I'll tell you more about it another time.

During the week, I tried to keep up with my family group, a group of teenagers. The oldest one is 20. I overdid it and came home so sick. All my joints are stiff and sore.

Jennifer wouldn't even let me drive home from Wendell by myself. I told her I could, but she said no.

It is so hard for me to receive help, and harder still to ask for it.

I wonder now if this a lesson I'm supposed to learn through arthritis.

Thank you Nebekers.
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