Sunday, February 17, 2008

Catcthing Up 2

I get to remove an item from my list. I sold my 1989 Ford Ranger. It was bittersweet - but much more sweet than bitter. I've had that truck for 15 years, 204,000 miles. It was a good truck, but it was time to go.

My "new" 1995 Ford Ranger only has 95,000 miles. Heck, it's practically off the showroom floor compared to my last truck. It has 4WD, power steering (which is nice with arthritis), and most impressively - a tailgate that actually works. My last truck has an ... uncooperative tailgate. For about the last 7 or 8 years I've had to coerce it open with a strategically placed screwdriver, unwilling to get it fixed, or even to see how much it might cost to get it fixed. This new truck's tailgate works just like it's supposed to work.

The 4WD has been nice. Recently we've had a lot of snow in the Magic Valley. There have been a couple of days that I'm pretty sure my old truck would not have made it either to work or home again. I feed safer with 4WD. Although I still drive slower than a lot of people on the highway. I don't know yet what kind of mileage it's going to get. I've been hauling around 350 pounds of sand bags in the back. Hopefully I'll figure out the mileage on my next trip to Nampa.

Last week I was in Mrs. Brown's class. She read a book titled, "The Quiltmaker's Gift."

In the book, the king has a lot of things, but none of them make him happy. So, he gets rid of all his stuff. What a concept.

I need that book, but in order to get it, I'll have to find two things to eliminate from my list.

She, "Why two? You're only adding one."
Me, "If I want to get down to 500, I can't just trade one thing for another."

So, I'm currently looking for 2 things go so I can buy that book.

Any suggestions?
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