Sunday, February 17, 2008

Catcthing Up 1

(These two posts are catch up posts. I actually wrote these several days ago - more than a week ago for this first one - and am just now getting them online. And when I say wrote, I mean actually wrote, with a pen, not typed.

I know!! Can you believe people still do that?)

At the elementary school the other day a friend said, "I think you have to count all your golf clubs as separate things. You can't count them as one thing."

I was surprised to say the least:
  • These are my rules; I get to count things however I want to count to count them. (This line should be read with the same tone as, "You're not my mom," or better yet, "You're not the boss of me.")
  • Someone - other than my family - actually reads my blog. (Turns out she doesn't. She just remembers me talking about how I was counting things. Bummer.)
  • This statement came completely out of the blue. We weren't discussing golf, or counting, or listing everything we own and trying to slowly whittle down the list. (As if there are other people who talk about those kinds of things.)
The conversation turned to fast food - I have no idea how it got there - and my 2008 Decision to not partake of fast food or pop for one year.
She, "No fast food?"
Me, "Yes, no fast food."
She, "You mean like none?"
Me, "I figure Subway® is okay. The veggie sandwich is a healthy meal." (I always use that little R in a circle whenever a speak about something that is registered. Although sometimes I get confused between ® and ™ because I'm not sure if Subway™ is a registered name or a registered trademark. Of course when I'm only thinking inside my head, I don't add those symbols. That would just be silly.)
She, "But ... it's fast food."
Me, "I write the rules. It's my decision how to apply those rules for the most benefit to my life." (At least that what I intended to say. I think it came sounding like a 7th grade girl, "WHATEVER!!! You're not the boss of me!" I'm ashamed that phrase has shown up twice in one blog entry.)

Although I haven't yet taken advantage of my exception, I do have one other fast-food-allowable option: Taco Bell
®. I think their crunchy taco, no cheese, is a healthy option.

On the fitness front - things haven't been going so well. I had started going to Spinning
® classes again, with the intent to attend several classes per week, but that's become less frequent.
Monday - I teach a parenting class: can't go Spinning
Tuesday - I'm supervising NNU Counseling Practicum students: can't go Spinning
Wednesday - Spinning
® (that symbol is getting a little annoying, don't you think?), but only when I feel good enough, which hasn't been often lately. And the last three weeks I've gotten home too late to make it to class.
Thursday - Spinning
® class
Saturday - The arthritis shot I take on Monday is wearing off by Saturday, so often I'm not able to get up early enough to spin (I don't know if that word used in this context should have a
® or not.)

I don't know if it's the weather or my that arthritis is getting worse, but I haven't felt strong or limber or energetic in a long time. I've noticed something interesting about my vocabulary usage. Sometimes I call it "my arthritis" and other times "the arthritis." Ownership of this disease apparently varies by my mood, like parents who's ownership claim is dependent upon their behavior.
"YOUR son broke the window today."
"How come he's mine son when he does something wrong?"

My arthritis is getting worse. Ownership implies control.
The arthritis is getting worse. I have no control, hence no ownership.

There's a different meaning altogether. I don't know which I use more often, or which I should use, or which is more accurate.

To be honest, I just don't know a lot of things.
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