Monday, January 28, 2008

What's the Latest Number?

I wish I could give you the exact number of items, but several things have changed since my last count, and I haven't taken the time to figure up the new total.
  • I lost a fork (What? How is that possible?)
  • I've moved my racquetball bag and stuff to the guest room, which I'm calling "Item Purgatory" - not quite gone, but not quite here.
  • Although my r-ball stuff went with the bag (gloves, balls, goggles), I took out the shoes. They're in really good condition since they've never been worn outside. I also took out the Sport TX (a physical therapy instrument) that Kenny gave me a long time ago, which I'll be returning to him soon.
  • I have a new truck, which came with another sandbag and some sort of tie-down strap.
  • Looking through my medicine cabinet I noticed some things I hadn't counted. I have a beard trimmer - which is on the list - in a stand - which is not on the list - which also includes a comb and a brush to clean the trimmer - both of which have never been used - and a tube of lubricating oil. (Is it proper to use that many hyphens in one sentence?)
  • Knowing that I'm going to sell my old truck, do I take it off the list now? or wait until I actually sell it? The ad goes in the paper tomorrow. I hope it sells by the weekend.
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