Monday, January 21, 2008

Three Weeks into 2008

I haven't updated in a while, and one of my non-resolution/goals was to write more often. There are some good things to report.

1. I haven't had any fast food or pop yet this year.
2. I have lost some weight, although not very much yet.
2a. I have clarified some of my physical limitations from the arthritis. I intended to walk every morning; I can't do that. Twice last week I was so tired that went to bed at 6:00pm, slept through the night. Fatigue just sets in sooner than it used to. I'm sure part of that is also age. So now I walk 3-4 days per week.
2b. I had intended to attend Spinning classes every night they are offered at Gold's Gym. Can't do that either. I attend 3-4 classes per week, which is already helping my cardio.

There are also some negative things happening. Maybe negative is too negative a word. They're definitely uncomfortable. Just this last week I had put $1000 into my 1989 Ford Ranger, which is not worth that much, but it's not like I can just quit driving. Long story short, I just bought a new(er) truck, a 1995 Ford Ranger. I don't have the money to afford a new(er) car. But I have to trust that God knows what's going on and will take care of this also.

I also came home one day to find water covering the floor of my garage. It was just a day or two after it had snowed a lot, and my first thought was that the water was from the snow that had melted off the truck. I realized it wasn't I stepped out the back door of the garage and saw a fountain flowing from the backflow prevention valve. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I never got around to having my sprinkler system blown out. The valve and frozen and exploded.

Actually, it was more an issue of pride than of forgetfulness. The local nursery who has taken care of my irrigation needs since I moved here charged me for something I didn't think they should have. I argued, they relented, I vowed not to use them anymore - to punish them. That kind of attitude, that revenge-plotting attitude, rarely works out. More often than not, it backfires, which it did in this case. Now instead of complaining about a $60 charge that I didn't want to pay, I'll be paying a several hundred dollar repair charge for something I only need because I'm stupid and proud.

As far as my list of things - I haven't gotten rid of anything else. I am continually looking for ways to simplify, and I've targeted a few items. Just don't tell those particular items they might be leaving; I don't want them to feel bad.
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