Friday, January 11, 2008

One Week Down, 51 To Go

I’m one week in to 2008 and already the list needs some adjustment. I had been looking through the first aid kit I keep in the bathroom, checking to see if anything needed refilled, and had left the kit on the bathroom counter. Later, while looking through my medicine cabinet I saw some tweezers and a small round mirror, both of which are on my list. I remembered that the tweezers came from the first aid kit. For the longest time I had been wondering what came out of that empty pocket … duh, the tweezers.

So now both the tweezers and the mirror are in the first aid kit and off the list.

Two down, fifty-two to go.

However, I also realized I need to add something. On my list is 6 Christmas cds (Harry Connick, Jr., two Amy Grant cds, Mariah Carey, Nat King Cole and a Celtic Christmas). As I was looking through the drawer, I remembered I had more cds that were not on the list. I had used some gift certificates to buy the latest from Mercy Me, and the latest from Switchfoot, Oh, Gravity. Plus, I have a Stellar Kart cd that I won from The Effect Radio.

Three up, fifty-five to go.

Lastly, I was doing dishes this weekend when I realized that somehow I’ve lost a fork I should have four. I only have three. How is it possible to lose a fork? I have no idea.

I can understand losing a sock, or a book – things that leave the house.

But a fork? I’m not in the habit of taking my forks for country drives, or skydiving.

So now the question is: Do I replace it? If Yes, where do I buy one fork? Maybe a thrift store.

One down, fifty-four to go, which is right where I started.

Oh well, win some add some, lose some subtract some.

And speaking of subtracting, I hope to be subtracting some weight in the next 12 weeks. Saturday, Gold’s Gym kicked off their “12 Week Challenge.” I registered, weighed-in, and let them take a photo of my fat self, with my shirt off no less. It’s the before picture. At the end of twelve weeks there will be an after picture, and hopefully the two pics will look really really different. The person determined to have made the biggest physical change (through a judging process) wins a trip for two to Hawaii. Which brings up another dilemma. When I win (which I will), who will I take? I’m not in a relationship, or dating. Heck, I don’t even flirt anymore. I’m sure that someone will be willing to spend 7 days and 6 nights in Hawaii with me. Of course it should go without saying, I won’t be bringing back any souvenirs.

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