Monday, December 31, 2007

Bathroom: 32 Items

1 automatic shower cleaner (I'm kinda lazy that way)

1 bag cotton balls (Most of these are leftover from bottles of some medication, you know, the kind of cotton stuffed in the top)

2 bath rugs

4 bath towels

1 beach towel

1 beard trimmer (More accurately a goatee trimmer, since I don’t have a beard.)

1 body wash dispenser

1 Coca-Cola clock

1 Dogs: eye meds for Chessa

1 electric razor (I’ve discovered that it does NOT shave as close as a blade, but I don’t want my money back.)

1 first aid kit

1 hair clippers

2 hand towels

1 pelican on driftwood (gift from mom & dad)

1 plunger

1 razor (for shaving, instead of the electric)

1 sewing kit

1 shaving mug

1 shower curtain

1 small round mirror

1 toilet brush

1 toiletries travel kit

2 toothbrushes (one for my teeth, one to clean the clippers, and no, so far, I have not mixed up the two)

1 tweezers

2 wash cloths
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