Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Begins

So there you have it - a list of everything I own, at least as of now. As I eliminate more items, or add things, I'll change the list. The total count, January 1, 2008: 754 Items. My goal is to get rid of one item per week. By January 1, 2009 I would like my list to be under 700.

This process of simplification has raised so many more questions than it has answered. Some have come through the process, some have been raised by other people. I am sure of one thing: the questions will continue, mostly without answers.

Why 500?
What will I do when/if I reach 500? What then?
I don't count consumables, but what about things like the rubbing alcohol in my medicine cabinet? It's going to last years, but it's still consumable. Should I count it or not?
If I count consumables that last a long time (like over a year), what about that box of Q-tips? It has 500 in it so it will last longer than a year, but I use them every day. Should they count?
If I don't want people to give me things - like at Christmas, or my birthday - how are they supposed to show their love and appreciation?
Am I robbing people of the joy of giving by not allowing them to give me things?
Is it fair that I get to give things, but other people don't?
Why am I trying to simplify in the first place?
What about intangible things? Should I count my gym membership?
Should I count the software programs on my computer? Some I downloaded so I don't have a cd or anything physical. Do they count?
What about my driver's license? Is that an object I own?
Should I count my two bank accounts as two things?
Why do I have so many questions without obvious answers?
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