Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom Helps the List

My parents visited this last weekend. This was the first time they've been to my house since I began seriously simplifying, since I created a list.

There are several things on my list that were given to me by my parents. Actually, more than several. Most of the furniture I own came from them. But, they did give me the things, so I own them and count them. That might change. Talking with mom over the weekend, we were discussing my stuff. In my guest bedroom is a bedroom set that came from my grandparents to my parents to me.

"That bedroom set is really yours mom."
"No, it's yours. It's in your house."
"So if I were to buy another house and didn't have room for it, I could just get rid of it?"
"No, definitely not."
"So, it's not really mine?"
"I guess not. You're just storing it."

There are several items like that. Mom has made it clear that before I just get rid of the trunk, or the stainless steel table, I have to let her know. She might want them back.

Thanks mom. You just made my list a little shorter.

BTW, at last count, I'm down to 882 items (including the stuff that mom has claimed she's storing here).
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