Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Buhl B&W Barn Tour

The Boise Camera Club took an overnight field trip to Buhl to photograph some of the great old barns in the area. Although we stayed overnight, it was not enough time. There are so many great buildings in the area, we just didn't have time to cover them all. I'm not sure I had enough time to adequately work the ones we did visit.

The more I use the processing, the more I like monochrome images. Monochrome takes me back to my high school days, working on the yearbook. B&W film was all we had - everything I took was monochrome. I like the simplicity of monochrome, and the complexity of it (yes I know that might not make sense).

Here's a selection of images. Some large, some details.

Monochrome or color?

Here also, I can't decide which version I like better.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Creativity Runs in the Family

It seems that everyone in my family is artistic.
Dad's creativity was from the pulpit, bringing the Bible to life.
Mom's gifts are writing, calligraphy and speaking.
My sister, Susan's gift is singing.
My brother-in-law, Steve expresses his art through design.
My niece, Janae is a singer.

My nephew, Braeden is a ceramic artist. He calls himself a potter, but I can see the artistry in his work. He hasn't been throwing for very long (I have no idea if 'throwing' is a ceramics thing or not, but it sound like it should be). Even so, his skill is obvious and growing daily. Today, I got to be involved with his creative side by taking photos of a few of his pieces.

These pieces are not for sale, but if you're interested in his art, I'm sure he'd be happy to work with you. If you want to see more, check out his instagram page. 

Now I just need to get some photos of my niece, while she's performing.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Capital City Ballet

Yesterday, along with some other Boise Camera Club photographers, I got to photograph a dress rehearsal of the Capital City Ballet company. I've never photographed ballet before, and I've only shot dance one other time. This was basically a new experience for me. As a photographer, it's good to shoot new things, to capture new things.

Having no idea what I was doing, I spent the whole time experimenting with settings. I was hoping that some combination would result in a few good images. Take 1000, hope for 10 good ones (digital photography is a good thing).

I actually captured quite a few keepers. Starting with about 700, I deleted 250 the first time through. The second pass eliminated another 200. A third pass will identify some more trash. But I also identified about 50 images that I think turned out well.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Adventure Part 3

Today should mark the last installment of the Thanksgiving adventure. Back when the adventure first began, I had IVC filter inserted (intravenous vena cava filter, I think). It was intended to block any blood clots in my legs from breaking free and moving to my lungs. Since they had to take me off the blood thinners (the ones that created the problem in the first place) the filter was meant to protect me.

Today, I had the filter removed. It was a minor surgical procedure, under conscious sedation. Of course there are risks with any surgery, but this was minimal and it was quick and easy.

So now the last of the adventure will be the cost, but because of the generosity of my friends, that cost won't be a burden.

Here's to an adventure free 2016!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thanksgiving Adventure, Part Two

In my younger days I believed that anything worth doing was worth doing myself. And if I couldn't do it myself, then it wasn't worth doing. I believed that asking for help was a sign of weakness, and who wants to admit weakness? Certainly not the young me.

When I got rheumatoid arthritis (RA), my perspective changed - not because I was experiencing personal growth, but because I was forced to change. I reached a point at which I wasn't able to help myself, in so many ways. I had to start asking for help, and people started noticing when I needed help, even without me asking. At first it was embarrassing, then it was uplifting, then it became humbling. I realized that I was surrounded by people who wanted to contribute to my life. They wanted to respect my new physical limitations and demonstrate how much they cared for me. Often, after helping me, my friends would thank me for the blessing I gave them by allowing them to help. Who does that?

Of course I also realized how much I agreed with them. When I was able to help other people, it made me so happy. I enjoyed the sense of satisfaction I received from giving to my friends and family.

Once again I find myself in need of assistance. You might think I would be more mature now and able to handle making myself vulnerable. It's still difficult to ask for help. If you read Thanksgiving Adventure you'll remember that I spent the holiday in the hospital. It's not where I would want to be; I'd much rather be eating too much food with the family. Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital - not so delicious.

The final bill for everything came to about $40,000. Is there anybody who actually pays that amount? Fortunately my insurance is covering most of that. My portion will be around $2000. A $38,000 savings is great, but the leftover is still a lot of money. So I'm asking for the help of my family and friends. I've created a way for my friends to help - if you are so inclined. Click on the link below (no pressure :) )

I know that whatever happens, it will all work out.

Thanksgiving Adventure Fund