Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NFC Car Show, Part 6 (and last): All the rest (well, some of the rest)

This first image is my favorite of the event, maybe the best car image I've ever taken. I also put more post-processing work into this one than I do to most of my images. Once I started working with it, I realized how dramatic the shadows were, so I made sure the shadows faded to complete black. I like the way the shadows become negative space to balance the detail of the car. And I really like the way the front end is emerging from darkness.

When I'm out photographing, almost any subject, I look for details. I prefer the intricacies of a scene rather than the broad expanse. Life is made up of the small moments, and big pictures are made up of the small elements.

In this image, I like play of the textured tire and the blankness of shadow. And the tail light adds an interesting shape.

These next two images are obviously the same car, the same detail. I can't decide which composition I like better. I think the arc in the lower right corner of the first image is an unexpected element that adds balance to the downward arc.

But, the bottom image works also because there's only one curved line; the rest of the image is straight lines, consistent patterns. The color in both images really appeals to me. I think it's hard to find a good green for a car, but this car certainly has found that color.

It's obviously a blue car, but because of all the random elements, it becomes quite abstract, and abstract images are so beautiful to me.

How many cars have you seen with wood on them? And how many have you seen with wood this beautiful? It's so beautiful and warm and rich.

NFC Car Show, Part 5: The Grills

I like car grills because of the repetition and patterns. They have interesting lines - some horizontal, some vertical, some wide, some narrow, some shiny, some not. The grill is the shiny smile of the car.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

NFC Car Show, Part 4: The Hood Ornaments

In this installment of Chris' Fascination with Cars, we explore the cultural aspects of car making - because that's what hood ornaments are. They're sculptures, statues, figurines. The hood ornaments can be the most artistic part of a car. I've wondered who designs these ornaments. They don't look designed by the same person whose responsibility it is to determine the drag coefficient. I wonder if they hire artists to create these small elements.

These next three images are all the same hood ornament. I couldn't decide (still can't decide) which perspective I like best. Each one has different elements that work. Do you have an opinion? Let me know in the comments.

It's not unusual that many car makes use aeronautical-ish hood ornaments. Cars, like planes, are supposed to be fast and streamlined, and give the driver a feeling of freedom.

I'm not much a photoshopper. I use it to help process images, but only in the most simple ways. I'm not one to add or subtract major elements from an image. But this last image makes me want to add in a seascape - clouds, waves, mist - something to really bring out the nautical feeling of this ornament.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, August 29, 2014

NFC Car Show, Part 3: The Headlamps

This group of photos is focused on the headlamps. I think lights are so cool. There are so many different kinds, shapes, styles, sizes. They might seem like just lights, but I think there is real artistry in the engineering and design.